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Singles today have lots of options for meeting potential mates.  Gone are the days spent loitering at the laundromat or hanging out in the produce aisle.  Today's savvy singles are meeting at clubs, on line # and even on cruise ships!

If you are a single person, some vacation options may not be as appealing to you as they would be to a family of five.  You're likely not too interested in couple's dance lessons, video arcades, or babysitting services.  

What does interest you is having fun with other singles that share your interests.  Singles Caribbean cruises can be the perfect choice for getting away from it all, and spending time with interesting people.  You'll have the chance to mingle and socialize, while enjoy the comforts and luxuries of a five star hotel, all aboard your spectacular cruise ship!  

The main difference between a singles cruise and a regular cruise is the way that they are booked.  Typically, when you buy a ticket on a regular cruise, the price is based on a double-occupancy rate.  That rate is dependent on the fact that two people will be buying tickets, and staying together in that particular room.  Single travelers feel that they shouldn't be penalized because they are not bringing someone along.  Singles cruises fully expect the traveler to come alone, and price the ticket accordingly.

Atmosphere on Singles Cruises 

From the moment you step foot on a singles cruise, you'll notice the atmosphere is completely different from traditional cruises.  While regular cruises are anything but stuffy, a singles cruises is even more inviting.  In addition to all of the regular accommodations and activities, there are special attractions targeted toward social gatherings and bringing people together.  You'll cruise the waters of the world, meeting new people and relaxing aboard your little piece of paradise.  You can also be comforted by the fact that the boat is filled with other passengers just like you.  

Try a singles cruise for your next vacation.  You just might your soul mate, and it will be smooth sailing all the way!

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