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Golf, like many sports, is a pricey choice of recreation.  There are special shoes to buy, proper clothing to purchase, gizmos and gadgets to keep on hand.  Golf clubs can carry a hefty price tag, and then there are club memberships and green fees to contend with.  When all is said and done, little is left in the budget for a golf bag.

A good quality golf bag need not carry a high price tag.  There are discount Nike golf bags available that are made with the high quality you've come to expect from Nike tennis shoes, athletic clothes and sports cleats.  Nike entered the golf market with the same motivation and drive that led the brand to domination of the sporting goods world for the last couple decades, and the company does not cut corner on its golf gear.

The very success of Nike has stemmed from its ability to appreciate the wants and needs of every type of athlete.  They produce top quality gear for world's highest paid superstar athletes including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.  On the other hand, Nike strives to meet the needs of every high school athlete, aspiring amateur and weekend warrior out there.  They design and manufacture equipment, like Nike discount golf bags, that is available for all athletes.

This sort of humble marketing came in to play because Nike was created, and is still steered by, athletes just like you and me.  The company was founded in 1971 by University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman, who began to experiment in making shoes for his athletes.  This fresh innovation and experimentation led to the wildly popular lineup of Nike sneakers, including the Max Air, Tuned Air, and Zoom Air shoes.

Nike puts this type of revolutionary thought process into all of the equipment it creates, right down to their discount golf bags.  They seek every opportunity to meet the needs of golfers and other athletes, and anticipate those requirements that are yet to be fulfilled.

Imagine a golf bag that is easier on your shoulder.  Or a bag that can anticipate a humid, hot day, and actually help to displace the heat and moisture away from your shoulder.  Nike discount golf bags can actually keep the weather from affecting your game.

Nike isn't just about shoes anymore, and the company has come a long way since those early days on the Oregon track.  The sporting empire now offers top quality golf gear, from bags and balls, to clubs and eyewear.  Through forward thinking and ever changing technology, all types of golfers are able to find discount Nike golf bags that meet their particular golfing needs, and leave a little change left over for the 19th hole.
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