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Most people appreciate the beauty and grace portrayed by ballet dancers, and many secretly wish that they, too, could perform on the ballet stage.  If you have dreams of dancing ballet, it can be easier than you think to turn those dreams into reality.  

It's not unusual for people to wish for the ability to learn to pirouette, or for parents to provide children with the opportunity to realize their goals.  For these reasons, ballet classes are offered at most cities across the world.  There must be a thousand ballet schools in the United States alone, offering all levels of instruction for those who wish to learn the principles and techniques of ballet.

Ballet is by no means a new form of dance.  On the contrary, it has been in existence since the Italian Renaissance.  Since then, countless men, women and children have studied the dance form at ballet class.  If you would like to join them, there are some points that must be considered before committing to a ballet class.

While the basic subject of "dance class" may seem fun and easy, there is a lot more to ballet than just learning the moves.  From the very basics to the most advanced techniques, it's not the easiest task to undertake.

*  Ballet class demands more time and effort from the students, as compared to other forms of dance.
*  High levels of self-confidence and genuine interest are key to success.
*  Students are encouraged to undergo proper ballet training, in order to properly perform the dance techniques.
*  Physical strength, endurance and flexibility are essential to successful performance.

There are many other things to consider before you joining a ballet class.  Most experts will advise that ballet should only be taken if you are genuinely interested in learning the techniques of the dance.  If you attempt to learn the techniques in a half-hearted manner and don't perform them properly, you can actually injure yourself.  Some movements such as the en pointe, can actually cause bodily injury if they are not done correctly.

If you give these points some serious thought and you're still interested in attending a ballet class, you'll want to know which classes are offered in your area.  Most classes will teach you the basics in your first few sessions.  Basic posture and movement will likely be the initial areas of study.  

One very fundamental training method that you will encounter in your ballet class is barre training.  This area of study involves the techniques for proper posture and turnouts.  When in ballet class, you will be encouraged to keep proper posture.  Hold your head up and stretch your entire body upwards, as though a string attached to the top of your head is pulling you up.  With proper posture, you will imagine your body as going up and up.  

Barre training also involves the concept of turnouts.  This is a process of envisioning the "turning out" of the muscles of your hip and thigh areas.  In other words, you are literally telling your muscles what to do while you dance.  It can take a lot of time to learn this process, so remain patient as you fully complete the many tasks and steps involved in your training.   

As you progress through ballet training, you will be introduced to the center work.  Here, the techniques that you have learned become faster-paced.  Eventually, you'll find yourself doing jumps and lips, and you will begin to master footwork more complicated than you'd ever imagined.  In order to attain this level, you'll need to be able to keep up with your classmates and instructor.  Be prepared to dedicate lots of time to practice.

Dancing in a ballet can be more than a dream.  If you have the personal and physical strength, and the necessary time available, look for a ballet class near you and bring your dream to life.
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